Which NFC Business card are you gonna use?

What is an NFC business card?

With an NFC business card you can quickly and easily share all your contact details using NFC technology. NFC technology can be found in every modern phones nowadays. Compile your profile and indicate which data you would like to share using your NFC Business card. When your profile has been compiled you are ready to network! Pass the business card over a phone and a notification will appear immediately. Let your new connection open the notification and your contact details have been shared!

Why buy an NFC business card?

An NFC business card is an innovation in business cards. Often, traditional paper business cards are lost simply because they are pocketed or thrown away. As a result, you often think that you have networked well, but this can be disappointing afterwards. NFC business cards are the solution to this problem. By digitally sharing your data with a business card that uses NFC technology, you not only leave a unique impression, but the person will also be able to store your data directly on their phone. In addition, you only need one digital business card instead of countless business cards that you give away and end up in the trash. This change makes networks more efficient but also more sustainable.

Why buy an NFC business card from Sammy?

An NFC business card ensures that you will never run out of a business card again. By using NFC business card you only need 1 card for all your contacts. Sammy offers a professional and sleek design with options for companies to adjust the background or logo. Do you have questions about which NFC business card is right for you? Sammy’s experts are happy to help you!