Which Smart Business Card are you going to use?

What is a Smart Business Card?

Smart Business Cards ensure that you can easily and quickly share your business card digitally, anywhere in the world, using NFC chips. The smart business card is therefore often referred to as an NFC Business Card. When you receive your Smart Business Card, you will immediately receive a code with which you can create an account. When you create your account you can compose your profile, after which you are ready to conquer the world! Tap your smart business card with a phone and a notification will immediately pop up on the screen. Open the notification and your business card has been shared! Digital, fast and Eco-friendly!

Why buy a smart business card?

Paper business cards often end up in a large pile or in the trash. This is not only a waste of the impact of your business card, but also of all the trees that have to be felled for this. Smart business cards are bringing about change in this regard. By means of a smart business card you will not only need one card, but you also ensure that no business cards end up in the trash. In this way you ensure that in the long run you make lower costs and contribute to a better environment.

Why buy a Smart Business Card from Sammy?

A Smart Business Card ensures that you will never run out of a business card again. By using NFC cards you only need 1 card for all your contacts. Sammy offers a timeless, sleek and business design so that your digital business card (smart business card) will have a major impact on your new connection. Are you still unsure which digital business card is right for you? Then contact the experts at Sammy.