Which Sammy Tap are you going to use?

What is a Sammy Tap?

With the Sammy Tap you can easily and quickly share your digital business card with the contactless nfc buttons from Sammy. Create a profile and enter which data you want to share with your new connections. Have you finished setting up your profile? Then you are ready to conquer the world with your Sammy tap business card. Attach the Sammy tap to a phone, laptop, wherever you want and tap against the Sammy Tap with a phone. Immediately a notification will appear on the phone. Open the notification and your data has been shared! It can be that easy, get social, get Sammy.

Why should I buy a Sammy tap?

Paper business cards often end up in the trash or get lost. You can feel that you have dealt out a lot of cards and networked well, but you notice that no leads come from this. The Sammy Tap NFC buttons ensure that your business card makes a big impact on your new connection. The Sammy tap ensures that you can immediately share your contact details by means of a simple tap on the NFC Button from Sammy. Simply tap a phone against your Sammy tap and a notification will pop up immediately. Open the notification and your business card is immediately shared. Your new connection can now open your contact details with 1 click on the button and, for example, be directed to your social media page or phone number. In addition to this, your new connection can easily save your data with the handy “add to contact – feature”. 2 Clicks in the screen and you are directly in the contacts of your new connection, this way you will never be forgotten. In short, faster networking with a greater impact and you only need 1 digital business card. Order your Sammy Tap today!

Why buy an NFC button from Sammy?

An NFC button or Sammy tap ensures that you can share your digital business card anywhere in the world. By using NFC business card you only need 1 card for all your contacts. Sammy offers a timeless and sleek design so that your digital business card will have a major impact on your prospect. Are you still hesitating between a Sammy Tap or Smart Business Card? No problem! Contact us quickly, our experts will be happy to help you!